Welcome to Solo Racers league. This is a gaming league for the game Mario Kart Wii. Online nintendo WiFI, players will compete against one another advancing up a racer all the way into the final knockout round. For new season look below.
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 Conditional Participation Rules

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Conditional Participation Rules Empty
PostSubject: Conditional Participation Rules   Conditional Participation Rules EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 5:27 am

Conditional participation

Streaming or recording startup can be done with a handheld camera and must show footage until the room starts without disconnections. Streaming can also be done with a capture card but the entire gameplay must be included with it.
If opponents request it, conditional players must record or stream the restarting of their Wii twice while showing the SD Card slot empty on the Wii.
After the restarts, the recording/stream must be including the Wii menu, disc channel, game loading sequence, and themselves joining the room in one unedited sequence. This must be done before the commencement of any room and upon joining a room following a disconnection unless the opponent does not require it.
Should players use any non-official/3rd party disc loader that requires the use of their SD Card, they must do one of the following in order to fulfill their requirements for conditional participation. (Opponents can choose which one)
Said players may record and/or stream with their hand-held camera the loading of their non-official/3rd party disc loader with the SD Card slot full in the Wii. Once done, they can show the removal of the SD Card and then show any options for ocarina set as OFF. They must then proceed with the rest of the normal recording/streaming rules all the way up until they join the room and when the room begins.
Said players may record and/or stream with their camera the loading of their non-official/3rd party disc loaders with the Ocarina option set to ON. Afterwards, an error message of some sort should come up saying that codes were not found on the SD card and should proceed normally with the rest of the rules of conditional participation applying up until they join the room and the room begins.
Concerning USB Loader GX mainly for conditionnal:

1. Starting the USB Loader GX
2. Go to the game boot screen
3. Go to Game Settings
4. Go to Load Settings
5. Turn Ocarina ON
6. Press SAVE
7. Press OK
8. Press BACK
9. Press BACK again
10. Start game
11. Press CONTINUE

Note: This being streamed, it's highly suggested to ask the user ...

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Conditional Participation Rules
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