Welcome to Solo Racers league. This is a gaming league for the game Mario Kart Wii. Online nintendo WiFI, players will compete against one another advancing up a racer all the way into the final knockout round. For new season look below.
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 R2 | Alex* vs. FearZ

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R2 | Alex* vs. FearZ Empty
PostSubject: R2 | Alex* vs. FearZ   R2 | Alex* vs. FearZ EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 7:07 am

There were 6 gps because we were tied forever.

GP1: 2-2
GP2: 1-3 (he dc'd and we replayed a race later)
GP3: 3-1

GP4: 2-2
GP5: 2-2
GP6: 1-3

Total: 11-13

Took 6 gps, there were like 4 races that killed me because of lag bumps and I think 2-3 that killed him for the same reason xD
It was insanely close and I don't have all the pictures because my camera died in the middle of the 1v1, I confirm that he won though so that should be enough. Good games Alex

R2 | Alex* vs. FearZ OrlyFearz
Pre-Season ~ Division 2 | 4-1-0 (1st) | 46.7 avg.
Season 1 ~ Division 1 | 4-2-1 (2nd) | 44.4 avg.
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R2 | Alex* vs. FearZ
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