Welcome to Solo Racers league. This is a gaming league for the game Mario Kart Wii. Online nintendo WiFI, players will compete against one another advancing up a racer all the way into the final knockout round. For new season look below.
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 Well I'm definitely late to the party.

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Well I'm definitely late to the party. Empty
PostSubject: Well I'm definitely late to the party.   Well I'm definitely late to the party. EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 11:40 pm

Hey, my name's Tyrant, I've been one of the few people administrating the registrations of players for a few weeks now (In human form, I'm a Reg Admin), and just thought I'd better be late than never in posting one of these threads.

But yea, my real name's Tom, I live in England, and I'm 14 years old as of typing this. I've been playing the game under a different name since a few years ago (I was in LAB clan, like the other about 250 members in the original list until it died Summer 2011), and I now go under the name Tyrant. Although I usually don't go into wars with this name, I've used it as my referrence name since around November last year. It's a lot easier to call me Tom or Tyrant instead of "That kid who constantly changes names in mkwii" Razz
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Well I'm definitely late to the party.
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